Effect of different formulations of rumen protected methionine and lysine on dairy cow performance, milk composition, and milk protein. Source: Balchem Corporation. 2017 to 2018. Principal investigator: A. G. Rius

Develop science-based recommendations to efficiently manage forages, herd health, and productivity on organic dairies in the Southeastern US. $ 1,807,044. Source: USDA-NIFA. Area: Agriculture and Food Research Initiative. Program: Organic Agriculture Research & Extension Initiative. Proposal Number: 2015-07388. 2015 to 2019. Principal investigator: G. Pighetti. Co-Principal investigators: P. Krawczel, A. G. Rius, D. Battler, G. Bates, K. Burdine, J. Bewley, and R. Smith.

Evaluating the interaction of stocking density and management environment on the behavior, physiology, and rumen health of lactating dairy cows. $ 499,827. Source: USDA-NIFA. Area: Agriculture and Food Research Initiative. Program: Animal Health and Production and Animal Products: Animal Well-Being. Proposal Number: 2015-06089. 2015 to 2018. Principal investigator: P. Krawczel. Co-Principal investigators: G. Pighetti, A. G. Rius, H. Dann, and L. Edwards.


Understanding the effect of heat stress on lipid metabolism in lactating dairy cows. $ 4,745 Source: UTK. Program: Student/Faculty Research Award. 2017. Principal investigators: J. D. Kaufman and A. G. Rius.

Effect of heat stress on protein synthesis and ability of the bovine mammary epithelial cell to prevent bacterial invasion. $ 20,000. Source: UTIA. Program: AgResearch Innovation Grants. 2014 to 2015. Principal investigator: A. G. Rius. Co-Principal investigators: R. Almeida, O. Kerro-Dego.

A real-time location system to enhance dairy research and herd management.  $ 26,895. Source: USDA 1433 AHDR program. 2014 to 2015. Principal investigator: C. Lanzas. Co-Principal investigators: S. Chen, P. Krawczel, A. G. Rius, M. Caldwell.


Effect of infusion of essential amino acids in heat-stressed lactating dairy cows. $ 4,600. Source: Ajinomoto North America Inc. 2015 to 2016. Principal investigator: A.G. Rius.